As in vanilla DayZ, players are categorised into three distinct groups: Bandits, Heroes, and Survivors. Other sub-categories are determined by a player's gear. For example, a player wearing a Ghille Suit would be seen as a "Sniper".

A Bandit in DayZ Origins is a player who generally attacks and kills other players for the puropse of stealing their items/vehicles. Bandits have a distinctive set of skins in DayZ Origins to easily distinguish them from other players.

How to become a BanditEdit

Players become known as Bandits if their humanity falls below 2100. The player's humanity score can be lowered by the murder of heroes and survivors. Killing other bandits won't increase the humanity score of the player.

Levels of BanditryEdit

Level 1 Bandit = -2000 Humanity

Level 2 Bandit = -6500 Humanity

Level 3 Bandit = -15000 Humanity